Chris Brown Responds To Ruffles’ NBA Celebrity Game Statement

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Early Sunday (Feb. 18) morning, Chris Brown responded to Ruffles after they shared an official statement in response to his claims that they blocked him from playing in the Celebrity Game during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Saturday (Feb. 17), the Frito-Lay brand shared, “Ruffles sponsored last night’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game; however, Ruffles did not have any involvement in, nor visibility to, any player decisions or celebrity invite discussions.” This came after Brown stated, “I was asked by the NBA to play in the All-Star Game this year! Only for them to call back later and say I couldn’t do it because of their sponsors like Ruffles.”

Brown continued by saying, “At this point, I am tired of people bothering me, and I’m tired of living in the f**king past. I posted the emails so you all could see them. The NBA still trying to get me to come courtside… Not f**king happening.” Before sharing the emails, he said, “I only go where I am appreciated.”

After Ruffles’ response started gaining traction, the “Sensational” singer took to his Instagram Story to say, “Ruffles, I guess y’all trying to save y’all face now! Stand on business. Don’t try to make it look like I am tripping. You and the NBA representatives know exactly what you are all doing.”

Although Ruffles disabled comments on their response post, Brown fans ran to a previous, yet unrelated post to get a word in. One fan commented, “I’m not ever eating a bag of Ruffles chips. Since you can’t support our brother, Chris Brown; why support [Ruffles]?” Another user said, “YO, WHAT THE F**K IS Y’ALL DEAL WITH CHRIS BROWN?”

The celebrity game featured famous stars like Jennifer Hudson and Kai Cenat and was coached by Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe. According to the emails Brown shared from the talent booking team, he was slated to be a part of the team led by his frequent collaborator and friend Lil Wayne.

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