Chris Brown Reacts To Sitting Next To Quavo During Paris Fashion Week Show: “Not Finna Fumble My Bag”

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Paris Fashion Week began on Jan. 16, with several celebrities and musicians showing up in their best outfits.

Quavo and Chris Brown attended Rhude’s Autumn/Winter 2024 runway show on Saturday (Jan. 20). In a clip shared on Instagram, the two were assigned seats next to each other, which seemingly didn’t take into account their previous online feud.

While many speculated that the artists buried the hatchet, Brown commented on the video on Sunday (Jan. 21). He explained, “[You] can’t pick who [you] sit by. F**k all that growth s**t. [I’m] not finna fumble my bag for little n**gas.”

Social media users praised the pair for remaining professional in spite of their past conflict. One person shared, “It’s funny to see childish people call Chris childish when he [was] really acting like a grown man. A grown man was sitting next to somebody they don’t like or want to deal with and acting like an adult when it’s about money.”

Another wrote, “Double tap if you also were today years old when you found out Breezy and Quavo were beefing.”

In 2021, the former Migos rapper exchanged a few words with Brown after Bleacher Report’s Open Run during NBA All-Star Weekend in Atlanta. The 11:11 singer reacted to Quavo and Jack Harlow beating Lil Baby and 2 Chainz in a game of basketball. He stated, “They knew who not to ask for on that two-on-two basketball. I would’ve cooked [him] and Jack! On my soul! Guess they wanted a smoke-free zone.”

Later that year, Brown called out the Georgia rapper after winning season two of “The Crew League’s” celebrity tournament. In a post-conference video, the musician said, “Aye, Quavo, get your b**ch a** out here.”

Notably, Brown collaborated with Migos on songs like “Just for Tonight,” “Moses,” “Hold Up,” and “Bounce.”

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