Chlöe – Hidin

Chloe Hidin

We certainly weren’t expecting new music from Chloe Bailey this weekend, and she definitely didn’t think she’d be releasing any. On Friday (November 25), the Atlanta native got wind that one of her previously recorded songs has leaked online. In response, she surprisingly opted to simply post it on SoundCloud herself.

Called “hidin,” the track finds the “Treat Me” hitmaker reflecting on a romance gone awry. “I got one too many n*ggas in my phone / Who wanna do the grown / And I’m feelin’ alone,” she sings as a warning to the man playing with her feelings.

On Friday evening, Chlöe accordingly let followers know that she wrote the song back in April of 2021.

When she first heard about the mysterious leak, she also hopped on Twitter to send out a message. “Whew y’all had me scared,” she admitted. “That leak is two years old. I was scared thinking it was something that made the album.”

Minutes later, she came back with a message for the culprit. “Whoever leaked it though [middle finger emojis]. This is why I don’t send my music around. Idk how because I cut the [vocals] myself at home, smh.”

Regardless of the frustration, Bailey’s fans are more than happy to hear new music from her – official release or not.

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