Chief Keef – Tony Montana Flow

Chief Keef Tony Montana Flow

Chief Keef’s been busy recently. In April, he announced a new partnership with the denim brand True Religion. Then, in June, he launched his own label, 43B, and brought on as its first signee. But all these moves don’t mean that Keef’s been too busy to rap.

On a new track with Akachi, the legendary Chicago Drill rapper brings some hard-hitting bars. The track’s instrumental goes hard with a walloping 808 and intimidating horn section backed by swirling synth lines. Keef takes his time over the track, making sure every line sinks in. And there’s certainly some eyebrow-raising lines, like “I’m smoking on that musty call me arm pit,” or “You can get ya Gyro’d, n***a, no Tzatziki.” At the end of the short song, which lasts a little over two minutes, Keef switches up his flow into a punctuated melody where words deteriorate into little more than sounds.

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