Chief Keef & Mike Will Made-It – Dirty Nachos

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Chief Keef has been teasing his fans with a new album called Almighty So 2 for a while now. However, the album has been delayed numerous times. Overall, fans are starting to run out of patience. In fact, there are some who believe the album is actually just never going to come out. This is a similar phenomenon to what is happening with Playboi Carti. After he dropped off five singles, no one actually believes that he is an album on the way. In the case of Chief Keef, it seems like he is looking to quell any fears.

A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that Keef would be dropping a new song today. That song would be called “Dirty Nachos.” Luckily, Keef made good on his promise as the song found its way to YouTube this morning. It is produced by Mike Will Made-It, so you can imagine that it is, indeed, a banger. The video for the song can be found below, and it is just as high-octane as the track itself. After all, Keef is known for his high energy bangers, and “Dirty Nachos” serves as the perfect lead single for his upcoming project.

Throughout the track, we get muddy 808s and villainous soundscapes that hang in the back. As for Keef, his flow is on point as he delivers braggadocios bars that are worthy of numerous listens. Since arriving on the scene in the early 2010s, Keef has not skipped a beat. While he has gone through sonic evolutions, he still has the same energy and gusto he came into the game with, and this song serves as a reminder of that. Overall, you cannot go wrong by starting off your Thursday with some Keef.


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