Chief Keef – Chief So

Chief Keef Chief So

Chief Keef remains a huge figure in hip-hop. A couple months ago, his name trended on Twitter as fans debated the most influential rapper of all time. After the accolades, Keef went on to launch his own record label, 43B, and brought on Lil Gnar as its first signee.

Now Sosa released a new single, his first on the label, and it doesn’t disappoint. The nearly five-minute “Chief So” finds Keef in fine form, as he addresses all the haters who “wish Chief So was dead.” The beat has all the intensity of his subject matter: arpeggiating strings repeat over and over, pulsating over a massive 808. Near the end of the single, Keef’s delivery become more urgent. He begins to growl his bars, which are put through an echo to create a cacophony that meld into the instrumental.

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