Chance The Rapper – The Highs & The Lows ft. Joey Bada$$

Chance The Rapper The Highs The Lows ft. Joey Bada

Joey Bada$$ fans across the globe are undoubtedly bummed out that 2000 — his long-awaited third studio album — just caught a last-minute delay due to sample clearance issues, but in a fortunate turn of events, Chance The Rapper has swooped in to save the day.

Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$’s forthcoming single, titled “The Highs & The Lows,” was originally slated to release this Friday, but the former blog-era stars opted to go the grassroots route and share the highly anticipated single with select fans a day early. Shared as an unlisted video to YouTube, “The Highs & The Lows” encourages fans to spread the word of its “secret” release within their inner circles.

“Thank you to all my fans and supporters that have been there since day one. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity — to all my real fans — to be the first to hear my newest piece, ‘The Highs & The Lows’ featuring Joey Bada$$,” Chance says in the intro to the surprise drop. “Because it’s so hard sometimes to connect with all of you, I need a favor. After you hear this song, I want you to send this to five people that maybe didn’t get a chance to hear it. Throw it in your group chat, send it to your best friend, or just play it out loud because the people gotta know The Return is now!”

While there isn’t yet much indication as to whether “The Return” is the name of Chance’s sophomore studio album, it is cool to see that Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$ are finding interesting ways to share their music with their fans. The four-minute track doesn’t disappoint either, as it features both of the beloved rappers sliding over a soulful, chopped-up sample.


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