Cardi B Tells Fans To “Shut The F**k Up” During Fiery Rant

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On Friday (Dec. 29), Cardi B took to Twitter to discuss her frustrations with how people on social media, especially her fan pages, were discussing her. She started the fiery rant, saying, “Huh, did I confirm anything? Shut the f**k up. I am about to delete my whole f**king social media because y’all don’t shut the f**k up.”

She continued, “It is the same f**king people, my own fan base. The last time it was me getting dragged it was because of my fan base… Did I confirm I was with a man? No, so why do y’all keep talking? Leave me the f**k alone, the f**k? Shut the f**k up.”

After the rant, she tweeted, “I must be a lil toxic ‘cuz I enjoyed cursing ya out today… but we not taking that into 2024. Now, have a good day. No, make it a bad day!”

This explosive condemnation of her fans came shortly after TMZ reported that she and Offset were spotted together in New York City. According to the outlet, they went to “strategic lengths not to be pictured together” but gave away their location by taking a flick with the same fan. Cardi wore a pink and lilac hoodie with red nails, while Offset wore a black hoodie.

While many believe this is a sign that the Hip Hop power couple is back together, the “WAP” emcee recently hinted that they are still broken up. She seemingly indicated they were not back together despite spending time together during the holidays and at a recent concert. She liked a post on Twitter refuting rumors that she reconciled with the “WORTH IT” rapper.

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