Cardi B Talks “Bongos,” FDR, And More While Eating Spicy Wings On “Hot Ones”

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Released today (Sept. 28), Cardi B’s interview with “Hot Ones” turned into an unpredictable and revealing affair. Hosted by First We Feast’s Sean Evans, the show saw the New York rapper touching on everything from her new collab with Megan Thee Stallion to her admiration for historical figures like Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Kicking off the conversation, the musician opened up about her latest single, “Bongos.” Regarding the instrumental, the 30-year-old shared, “I don’t know if I realized [its] potential to be a hit. As soon as I heard it, I was like, ‘Aye, aye, like a drum.’ I automatically liked it. Even with my mans, even with my husband, I be playing him [songs]. Not every day, but we go to the studio a lot, so it’s like, ‘What you been working on? What you been playing on?’ Then he heard the song, he’s like, ‘Oh, this is fire.’”

Elsewhere, Cardi couldn’t help but voice her frustration when discussing the radio-friendly version of the track. She exclaimed, “Annoying! So annoying. I was so over it. I’m like, ‘Baby, eat these peaches and plums [instead of ‘eat this a** like a plum’].’ That sounds so corny. That sounds like Kidz Bop, but I had no choice. So baby, eat these peaches and plums.”

The artist also delved into her historical interests, particularly her fascination with World War II. Amid biting scorching hot wings, Cardi revealed, “I’m obsessed with World War II. I’m obsessed with just learning everything about it, so for me to just be in the same room that Churchill and FDR was discussing the nuke, it was just such a moment for me.”

At times, the “Hot S**t” hitmaker seemed distracted by the spicy sauces, claiming her tongue felt “drunk,” but she still managed to sprinkle in some serious gems. When it came to music icons that she idolized, JAY-Z and Rihanna topped her list.

“Who I look up to? It would be like JAY-Z [and] Rihanna because I feel like they’re just super moguls,” Cardi noted. “I’m trying to say something, and it’s just, I can’t even focus on the f**king question. It’s like, what the f**k you asking me, my mouth is hurting.”

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