Cardi B Slams Stan Account For Calling Her Father A “Pedophile”

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On Sunday (Sept. 17), Cardi B slammed recent accusations against her father, Carlos Julio Almanzar, who was on the receiving end of derogatory labels, including “pedophile.” The “Bongos” hitmaker took to Twitter to address the issue head-on.

“First, it was the video lying on Offset; now it’s lies on my dad. I’m pretty sure [you] know offenders have to take a pic every year. Keep it cute on family… Especially offenders, pedos, and molesters [because] everybody gonna wanna cry when I start talking about the real p**sy snatchers,” Cardi explained.

The dispute ignited when a Nicki Minaj stan account leveled claims against Cardi’s dad. They alleged criminal misconduct from over three decades ago.

Coming to her aid, one of Cardi’s fans also refuted the rumors. They showed screenshots from 2020 where the Bronx native previously dismissed such speculations. In the depicted tweets, the “Up” artist underlined his lawful tenure in the U.S. as an immigrant from the Dominican Republic since 1990.

The post read, “If my dad would have committed any crime, he would have been deported and wouldn’t be able to get a job as a cab driver for nine years!”

This incident trails closely behind another situation that took place between Offset and Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, over the weekend. On Friday (Sept. 15) night, the latter shared a video of himself with two other men in New York. He claimed that he was looking for the Migos rapper.

One of the individuals said, “Offset, where you at?” Later, Petty chimed in, “You n**gas nervous, man. You boys p**sy for real. You b**ches is nervous.”

On Saturday (Sept. 16) morning, Offset posted a clip on his Instagram Story calling the group of men “broke.” He responded, “I am getting off the jet. What these n**gas talking about? These n**gas broke. We hopping off jets, b**ch. These n**gas standing outside.”

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