Cardi B Serenades Offset By Singing Beyoncé For 5th Anniversary

Cardi B Offset Ascap

Cardi B and Offset are drunk in love.

In honor of their 5th wedding anniversary, the couple left the kids at home and celebrated with a night out on the town. Offset planned a romantic evening for his wife that included a private dinner.

On the way there, Cardi serenaded her husband with a performance of Beyoncé’s “Plastic Off the Sofa” in the back of the car. She caressed his face while singing the lyrics to the Renaissance song.

“You got some vocals. You be playing, but you really could probably do it,” he told his wife.

Cardi shared video from their dinner date at high-end kosher steakhouse Reserve Cut in New York City. The table was covered with roses and candles for the occasion. “You did that,” she told him. “Thank you, baby. I love you.”

They dined on sushi and steak, which was prepared for them tableside. Cardi was served several cocktails and a cake with sparklers for dessert.

Offset has even more surprises in store for his wife ahead of her 30th birthday on Oct. 11. Last year, he bought her a mansion in the Dominican Republic, and he’s determined to top himself.

“I’m trying to move her towards gifts—that’s why I bought her a home last year because they mean more or last more and it’s a great investment,” he told E! News. “Made a lot of money from the houses we’ve got now, and it’s like, I’m trying to stay at that angle. But it’s hard. Like for Christmas, we buy the kids and family stuff—we don’t always get on each other.”

Cardi recently received an autographed Renaissance vinyl from Queen Bey herself, who penned a special message to Cardi.

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