Cardi B Says She Prefers Birkins Over Rental Properties As Gifts

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Cardi B took to Instagram Live to share her displeasure with owning and managing investment properties. She ended her lengthy rant by claiming she prefers a good Birkin over a new property.

Following Offset’s new album, SET IT OFF, the famous rap couple has been in the news for multiple reasons. The “Bodak Yellow” emcee boasted two features on her husband’s second solo album. She recently addressed the claims that she copied Nicki Minaj’s signature flow on social media.

While addressing the swirling claims, Cardi B stated, “Ya love to attach my name to bullsh*t trying to make it a trend,” she wrote in a statement. “When I respond, it’s ‘I’m the problem.’ I will clear my name every time. Leave me alone if you have a problem with it.”

After addressing those claims, the famous diamond-certified musician was on Instagram Live and decided to discuss her views on rental properties. During her monologue, she claimed, “We have tenants that haven’t even paid f**king rent for like nine months!” Cardi vented. “Nine months! And sometimes, we be so busy, and our house managers, they’ll be so busy that we like, ‘You know what? Don’t even f**king take them to court,’ because we just be so f**king tired. Like, we don’t even have time for that because we be doing so much s**t.”

She continued, saying, “People be like, ‘Oh, get property, get property, get property.’ Let’s not even talk about the Dominican Republic Airbnb that this ni**a bought me. Always something! Please! I don’t want properties as a gift. I love me a good a** Birkin.”

The two are known for their elaborate displays of affection online toward each other. On Friday (Oct. 13), Offset gifted his “CLOUT” co-star an elaborate floral arrangement that took up the whole entrance of their home for her birthday.


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