Cardi B – Bongos ft. Megan Thee Stallion

cardi b megan thee stallion bongos

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion once showed us how great of a duo they are on the song “WAP.” Overall, this track was a massive cultural event. People were losing their minds over the track and the visuals that accompanied it. Although the reactions were polarizing, Cardi and Meg remained firm on the idea that this song was “the one.” It still remains culturally relevant, and when the two announced another collaboration, you can just imagine how excited people got.

The new track is called “Bongos.” and as Cardi said earlier this week, it is not what some fans would expect. She noted that while it would have her and Meg’s signature sound, it would not be filled with over-the-top explicit lyrics like “WAP.” Well, today is Friday and the song has officially been dropped off. Below, you can find the music video for the track, which sees Cardi and Meg at some sort of resort.

In terms of production, the song has this voice in the back that says “Bong” repeatedly. Moreover, Cardi and Megan deliver braggadocios bars and confident flows that are definitely sexual in nature. However, this is PG-13 compared to what they were doing on “WAP.” That said, this is still a banger that plays into both artist’s strengths. With the music video included here, this will be yet another large moment in their careers.


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