Cam’ron – Go & Get It

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Kill Cam is back to feed the fans with a new single called, “Go & Get It.” This is his second solo single of 2023, on top of a collaboration track he did with Bengi C. Notes and Jaughti Naughtica with “Runnin Stop Signs.” The two cuts he released on his own include, “DIP DIP SET SET” and “It’s Only Money.” The latter of the two independent records features the cover art with the same font as the logo for Cam’ron’s talk show, IT IS WHAT IT IS TALK. It is a sports talk show that can be found on YouTube, Spotify, and plenty of other streaming platforms. “It’s Only Money” was put out on August 4, just a few weeks before he and Ma$e inked a massive deal with sports betting company, Underdog Fantasy.

It seems a little suspicious that Cam’ron would drop a song talking about money. Especially, right before signing on the dotted line for an 18-month contract worth around $30 million. Nonetheless, it is still a tremendous accomplishment in a stellar and legendary career. However, it does get you wondering if this latest effort, “Go & Get It,” has something to do with securing the bag recently.

Cam’ron is rapping about flexing hard all over the woodwind-backed beat. The hi-hats are a nice touch and the East Coast boom-bap feel is the perfect habitat for Killa Cam. He kills the instrumental, that is for sure. Additionally, the beat has a ghostly and haunting atmosphere which compliments his intimidating persona.


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