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brent faiyaz wy@

Brent Faiyaz is currently on his F*CK The World It’s A Wasteland tour that began back on July 16 in Washington D.C. The tour is celebrating his two latest album releases F*** The World and WASTELAND, which came out in 2020 and 2022. The latter is the most ambitious project Faiyaz has put forth so far and many continue to enjoy it a year later. Because of that success and his world tour the R&B singer has maybe felt little need to unleash new material.

However, Faiyaz has still been dropping a single here and there throughout 2023. “ALL MINE,” one of the more popular tracks on WASTELAND, got a Jersey club remix near the turn of the new year. Following that, he and EDM producer Marshmello teamed up for “Fell In Love.” Then, maybe his best single of the year, “Moment Of Your Life” featuring Coco Jones, was put out back in late August. The two were a great duo, and hopefully, more songs from them come down the line. Now, this brings us to “WY@,” a new track about Faiyaz’s entanglement that is not good for him.

But, he cannot seem to release himself from the clutches of this vixen. The song also includes some vocals from a Latina singer who sings some very sexually charged passages. “I’m waiting for you with my legs open and my heart open, / I can still taste you in my mouth, / No one can make me shake like you.” Brent loves going back to this woman for what she provides but deep down he knows it is changing him for the worst. It is another solid offering from him, and if you want to check it out, listen below.


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