Brent Faiyaz – Price Of Fame

Brent Faiyaz Price Of Fame

is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated album, Wasteland, on July 8th via his Lost Kids imprint. You can view the artwork, also released today, above.

The lead single, “Price of Fame” may sound familiar for some astute fans as the singer previously included a version of it in a 2021 leak pack. At the time, Brent took to social media to share a Dropbox link which included the download of three unheard songs, including “Price of Fame.” However, the full version released today does have some differences from the OG Dropbox version– the 6-minute opus that is “Price of Fame” contains a few musical shifts when it comes to the sound. What starts out as groggy and chopped soon becomes sped up to offer a bit more energy from Brent before things slow down again, this time moving to lullaby-esque vibes rather than grunge.

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