Brandon Marshall Claims Taylor Swift Had Kanye West Kicked Out Of The Super Bowl LVIII Stadium

Brandon Marshall Taylor Swift and Kanye West 1014x570

During the “Paper Route” podcast, host Brandon Marshall claimed that Taylor Swift had Kanye West ejected from the Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

In an excerpt shared on Instagram on Monday (Feb. 12), Marshall detailed, “Kanye West pulls up to Vegas. Kanye West buys a ticket right in front of [Taylor Swift’s] booth, so any time they were going to be showing [Taylor Swift], Kanye’s face was going to be there.”

Initially mistaking the singer for Katy Perry, Marshall corrected himself. The former NFL wide receiver continued, “He’s got a mask on with his logo on the mask — typical Kanye. Taylor Swift gets pissed off; she, boom, boom, makes a call or two. Everybody’s involved. He gets kicked out [of] the stadium.” He then emphasized the deliberate placement due to West and the pop icon’s notorious altercation at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

Despite Marshall’s assertions, footage and reports confirmed West was inside the Allegiant Stadium for the first half of the Sunday (Feb. 11) game. He was spotted with Ty Dolla $ign, Anderson .Paak, and French Montana, among others. Therefore, if the artist was removed, it would’ve been afterward.

Notably, the Chicago rapper name-dropped Swift on “CARNIVAL,” which appeared on VULTURES 1 with Ty Dolla Sign. In the track, he spat, “I mean since Taylor Swift, since I had the Rollie on the wrist/ I’m the new Jesus, b**ch, I turn water to Cris’.”

West also financed a Super Bowl ad for his Yeezy brand. In the promotional video, he said, “Hey, y’all, this Ye, and this is my commercial. And since we spent all the money on the commercial spot, we actually didn’t spend any money on the actual commercial.” According to an Instagram post on the “Heartless” hitmaker’s account, the 30-second clip generated over $19 million in sales.


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