Bobby Shmurda – Hoochie Daddy

Bobby Shmurda Hoochie Daddy

It was just just a little over a week ago when first teased his new single “Hoochie Daddy,” and of course, that preview came with a first look at the music video. Shmurda recently shared that he has not only an EP on deck but his official debut LP as well, and over the last few months, he’s been making sure that his fans receive new music in the meantime.

We recently caught up with Shmurda for our cover feature on the New York rapper, and he talked with us about the importance of streaming and why he believes it’s necessary to keep music flowing.

“Streaming is where you make that money at. So keep putting out constant content, and I tell all the n***as in the hood that. Why? Because I want them to stay f*ck out of trouble,” he said. “I’d rather the mothaf*ckas be on the corner selling content than selling crack or something, tryna get their streams up, ‘cause we run this sh*t now. But a lot of mothaf*ckas don’t know that.”

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