Blueface Serving 24 Months Suspended Sentence For Strip Club Shooting, Will Go To Prison If Seen Around Guns

Blueface 2

Blueface’s life has been loaded with chaos for the past few months. First, there was the birth of his son with Chrisean Rock – which he wasn’t present for. This was unsurprisingly followed by a bout of drama between his two baby mamas. The 26-year-old has primarily been facing backlash online for posting an NSFW photo of his son’s hernia and genital area (allegedly done by a hacker) on Twitter, and we’re currently waiting to find out if Rock will follow through with her plans to press charges. Speaking of legal matters, Blue was also in court today (October 2) in regard to his 2022 shooting incident at a Las Vegas strip club.

The incident took place last October. At the time, the “Thotiana” rapper was caught on camera shooting at his victim, Kentavious Taylor, in a vehicle. Blue’s consequences could’ve been severe, but the presiding judge was incredibly generous in giving him a 24-month suspended sentence. This essentially gives the California native a chance to prove himself while serving time on probation. Should he complete that period successfully, it’s likely the case will be dismissed without any hard time served.

Blue’s judge made it abundantly clear that if he messes up, she’ll have no problem putting him away. “No, you cannot have guns. There’s no confusion on that point. If you choose to roll with guns, that’s your choice, but I will tell you if you come back here with any probation violations – especially one with weapons – I will not hesitate to put you in prison for a significant period of time. You are playing with your liberty,” she told the embattled star.

It’s been an emotionally tense day for Blueface, but that hasn’t stopped the father of three from taking time to celebrate Jaidyn Alexis. Today (October 2) marks the “Stewie” rapper’s 25th birthday, and to mark the occasion, she and her baby daddy are dropping off a new video later this afternoon.

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