Blueface Responds To Jaidyn Alexis After Reuniting With Chrisean Rock

Blueface and Chrisean Rock

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis’ relationship turned turbulent once again following a series of heated exchanges on social media. The altercation ignited when a video circulated online of the rapper being in the studio with his newest baby mother and former girlfriend, Chrisean Rock.

Evidently, Alexis didn’t take kindly to the pair being together. She seemingly responded to a video where Rock signed a paper reading “MILF MUSIC FOREVER.” The Los Angeles native took to Twitter to vent her frustration while calling out Blueface over his parenting skills.

“My new manager would never,” she wrote on Sunday (Sept 17). Another post read, “Who’s watching the baby?” Elsewhere, she stated, “[A] deadbeat shooting a music video or in [the] studio for fun is different, but go off. I know y’all need the clout.”

Subsequently, Blueface didn’t hold back in his response. The “Thotiana” artist expressed resentment over what he perceived as Alexis’ lack of support for his career ambitions in the past.

He hit back in a number of now-deleted tweets. One post explained, “I took care of her [because] she was there when I was nobody, but imagine you tryna be somebody [and your] b**ch keep telling you, you won’t make it… You build resentment [and] motivation, [and when you get on, these random females believe in you and support you more [than] somebody you knew [your] whole [life].”

Alexis responded, “They only believed in [you because you] had [something] to show for it. I worked two jobs and walked to work while he sat [and] sold weed at my momma’s house. Cut the s**t on me.”

She finished, “There is ALWAYS another b**ch or n**ga. I never gave away what [you] did. I’m done. I said what I said.”

Amid the turmoil, Blueface shared a tender moment with his newborn, Chrisean Malone Jr., over the weekend. For many fans of the artist, it served as a hopeful reconciliation with Rock.

“Daddy and I, [Blueface],” the post read.

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