Blueface Reacts To His Mom’s Tell-All Interview With Jason Lee


In an interview on “The Jason Lee Show” on Wednesday (Nov. 15), Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, opened up about her son’s childhood and upbringing. She touched on various parts of the “Thotiana” hitmaker’s life, including his reluctance to discuss his relatively comfortable upbringing.

“I don’t think he wants to share that he actually had a good life,” Saffold said. “I feel like with rappers, they wanna play like they [have] been through hell and back. I feel like, he didn’t get enough of that, maybe.”

She also delved into her personal life and feuds, as well as her son’s behavior. At one point, Saffold addressed a viral post where she claimed her husband’s genitals were bigger than Blueface‘s. “Y’all already got mad when I said something about that,” she stated. “So, I ain’t bringing up that d**k. I just know my man d**k bigger than his d**k.”

Elsewhere in the conversation with Jason Lee, the LA native’s mom nearly broke down in tears when discussing Blueface posting a photo of his son’s hernia on social media. “I took a whole day and just sat in my car,” she recalled, explaining how she jumped into “mommy mode” to research the condition.

In response to Saffold’s interview, Blueface shared his thoughts on social media and suggested his mother portrayed his struggles too negatively. “Karlissa, why [are] you telling this sad a** story [that] I like being disliked?” he reacted on Twitter. He also refuted her claim about her husband, saying, “Yo’ husband d**k is not bigger than mine on [Schoolyard Crip]. Stop saying that.”

In a separate post today (Nov. 16), the rapper wrote, “You should have [spoken] more on your acting career, [and] maybe acknowledged the celebrities [and] people that got you these roles so they would recognize you [and] we all would respect you but no you [want to] get on here an explain a c**k fest.”

Check out more of Blueface’s comments below.


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