Blueface – Been Havin

Blueface Been Havin

Blueface is someone who has always had an incredibly interesting style. Overall, people know him as that rapper who is incredibly offbeat at all times. Although not everyone appreciates this, there are people who love how unique he comes across. Moreover, he is from the West Coast, so there is that extra bounce in his cadence that people enjoy. Sure, he may not have the same popularity he had during the “Thotiana” days, but he is still a mainstay in pop culture. That said, people are always checking for his music.

These days, when Blueface drops something, you can be sure that it is going be incredibly raunchy. This is not a huge surprise when you consider he has had numerous shows on OnlyFans. Moreover, he is someone who is always open and honest about his sex life, even if it displeases Chrisean Rock. At this point, it is clear that he marches to the beat of his own drum. Even if that drum is incredibly offbeat. Having said all of this, it is notable that Blue just dropped off a new song called “Been Havin.”

Immediately upon getting into this song, you realize what kind of sound he is going for here. The track has that offbeat cadence he has made a career off of. Furthermore, once again, the lyrics are about sex and all of the women that he has in his life. Even the music video that accompanies this song isn’t safe for work. This just goes to show that Blueface isn’t afraid of getting a little bit risque with his music videos.

With a recent string of singles behind him, it remains to be seen whether or not Blueface will drop an album soon. For now, it seems like he is a bit more occupied with his boxing career and having another child.


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