Blogger Drops Alleged Harrysong Abortion Chat With Wife

Harrysong and wife

A Nigerian blogger leaks alleged chat of singer, Harrysong asking his wife to have an abortion allegedly for giving birth to only girls, shows chats on other marital conflicts they are reportedly having.

The Blogger known on Instagram as Cutie Julls shared the screenshots which were alleged to be a chat between Harrysong and his wife.

In one of the images, Harrysong was supposedly telling his wife to take off the pregnancy as he will no longer be responsible for a child from her.

The blogger alleged that the reason the singer doesn’t want the child is because the wife has been giving birth to only girls, and reasons that her current pregnancy could be another girl.

He asked her to use the N100K he gave her to cook for his grandmother to have the abortion.

Another chat showed the wife accusing him of having several side chicks, to which he admitted and claimed that they are far better than her (his wife).

Sharing one of the screenshots, the blogger wrote …

“Dear Nigerians, please this is your celebrity, Harry Song asking his pregnant wife to go and abort the pregnancy she is carrying.

Saying she is a mother of girls because na only girls she dey born.

Just imagine o. He even says he will divorce the wife for getting pregnant because in his head, he has already concluded that the wife will give birth to a girl.

His wife is in the house with his mother whiles werey is in France.

I’m so livid and can’t type enough right now. Just let me calm down a bit.

Will upload more of his inhumane messages to his wife. All because the lady is pregnant with their 3rd child and he is saying he is sure it’s another girl. ???????

Harry Song, I have checked and there is evidence that your wife has cooked different meals and your grandma was eaten. Mr Mahn please leave this bad behaviour in 2023?

Check out photos below:

Screenshot 2024 01 17 072938 768x551.png

Screenshot 2024 01 17 074909.png

Screenshot 2024 01 17 074929.png

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