BigXthaPlug – Climate ft. Offset

bigxthaplug offset climate

Southern hip-hop has always been providing the genre with infectious hits for decades on decades. The slow-mo and wavy sounds just have something about them that gets listeners in a trance. However, some artists just hit you with endless slippery flows and intriguing cadences. One of those names who is doing this as of late is BigXthaPlug.

He has been releasing music into the world since 2019 but has been hitting his stride over the past year or so. In 2023, Plug put out his debut album, Amar. That came out in late April, but this new EP is garnering some serious buzz. THE BIGGEST is shaping up to be the perfect reminder for fans that Plug is going to be doing bigger and bigger things going forward.

One of the reasons for that is because he was able to nab a feature from Offset. Together, their aggressive flow patterns are perfect compliments on the song “Climate.” THE BIGGEST dropped on December 1, but the music video for this track has just hit YouTube. Already, the visuals have raked in over 313,000 views in two days. That is good enough for number 21 on trending for music. Production is also a strong point here with its watery and plucky synths and banging trap percussion.


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