Belly American – Nightmare

Belly American Nightmare

The wait is over and Belly is back. In the past two years since he released See You Next Wednesday, the rapper’s confirmed that he plans to retire in the near future. Fortunately, he has a few albums in the cut before he does. This morning, Belly returned with his latest single, “American Nightmare,” a new collaboration with Hit-Boy. The “Might Not” rapper sounds as revitalized as ever, gliding through the horn-centric production with command and high energy. Along with Hit-Boy, Nick Lamb and DannyBoyStyles share co-production credits on “American Nightmare.”

With politically-charged bars, the rapper kicks off the campaign for Mumble Rap 2 due out on May 19th. On “American Nightmare,” he delves deep into the targeting of the Middle Eastern community across the U.S. “Coming from a place that the media constantly demonizes, I wanted to express how proud I am of being not only an Arab, but someone who’s been able to set an example for young Arabs everywhere,” he explained. “The Arabian Dream, feels like the American Nightmare sometimes but we’d rather be dreamers. It’s easy to be patient when you know what you’re destined for.”

Belly has undoubtedly earned his reputation as a writer, from penning some of The Weeknd’s biggest hits to his own hit records. However, Mumble Rap 2, which will be executive produced by Hit-Boy, will remind fans of his proficiencies as an MC, which are on full display on “American Nightmare.” “With the first Mumble Rap I had already had a hit record and I wanted to remind people not to forget, where I actually come from & that I really do this,” he said of his upcoming project in a statement.

The rapper confirmed earlier this year that he will release three more albums, including MR2, before he hands up the microphone for good. “I love yall with all my heart, sincerely, but this industry has taken it’s [sic] toll on me,” Belly wrote in February. “MR2 will be the first of my last three albums ever. Mini tour for MR2 then a farewell tour after my next 2.”
Though the news is bittersweet, we’re excited to hear what he has up his sleeve on Mumble Rap 2.

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