Bella Shmurda Caught On Camera Strolling In Slow Motion

Bella Shmurda 1 1

When a fan of Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda, bumped into him at a lounge and salon, he noticed that the artiste was not in the best condition. He was spotted counting his steps, appearing to be under the influence of an unknown substance. His eyes were bloodshot red while his lips had a deep pink hue. This made the fan question what he was doing at this establishment.

It seemed that Bella Shmurda wanted to inspect the lounge and salon, as he walked around the area with a determined gaze. He also made inquiries at the nail and hair salon section, before leaving the establishment.

However, it remains unclear what he wanted to do there. The fan who saw him could not help but fool around and joke with him, in light of the artiste’s condition.

This sight was quite concerning and a shock to the fan, as it is a far cry from the artist’s typical persona.

Watch video below:


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