Barber Celebrates Becoming Davido’s Official Hairstylist After Giving The Singer An Attractive Haircut in US

davido barber.jpg

A barber in New York City, USA, is overjoyed after being formally hired as Davido’s personal hairstylist.

The amazing barber realized his dream after giving the internationally renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter Davido an extraordinary haircut that left the artist beaming with delight.

Mera “The Barber” rushed to social media to express his delight, releasing a video of himself working his magic on Davido’s hair.

on the video, Davido is shown sitting comfortably and interested on his phone, allowing the skilled barber to create a stunning hairdo.

Another scene shows Mera “The Barber” standing next to the Afrobeat sensation, both smiling with approbation.

The Barber wrote;


001 🇳🇬 #davido #30bg #30bgdavido #001davido

♬ original sound – Lyricsvillang🇳🇬❤️


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