Babyface – Seamless ft. Kehlani

Babyface Seamless ft. Kehlani

Nights out with friends or lovers don’t always go as planned, as Babyface and Kehlani are reminding us on their new collaboration, “Seamless.”

The single arrived on Friday (August 12), and finds the “Toxic” songstress taking the lead vocals while the 12-time Grammy Award winner closes the single out with his own voice; production was done by The Rascals (best known for working with artists like Drake, Chris Brown, and Ariana Grande).

“Always givin’ me hell every time that you drink / Two tequila shots in, now you wanna read me,” Kehlani calls out their drama-addicted partner on the first verse. “Tryna have a good time, now you wanna make a scene / You deserve an Emmy, girl, go and get your Emmy, girl.”

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