Baby Keem – Range Brothers ft. Kendrick Lamar

Baby Keem Range Brothers ft. Kendrick Lamar
Baby Keem Range Brothers ft.

Baby Keem’s The Melodic Blue has arrived in full, and many are still unpacking the project in these early hours. Officially the first release of Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang label, K Dot’s involvement has been a focal point for many curious fans. Yet it’s his cousin Keem who is the star of this particular show, and what a strange and fascinating circus it is.

Nowhere is that more evident than “Range Brothers,” a track that has already gained notoriety thanks to a few interesting choice ad-libs from Kendrick — “top of the morning” and “she’s hot” come to mind. Yet beyond the tongue-in-cheek comedic elements, “Range Brothers” deserves credit for its diverse production and dynamic performance from Keem. Though you may have already developed an opinion before diving in based entirely on a ten-second burst of Kendrick shenanigans, consider diving in to “Range Brothers” with an open mind.

For those that have — where do you stand on the zany (and surprisingly orchestral) track, as well as The Melodic Blue in its entirety?

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