Azealia Banks Is Getting Her Own Reality Show

Azealia Banks Noise Pop

Buckle up.

Azealia Banks always knows how to ignite a conversation on social media, but now she’s about to bring her antics to the television screen. The controversial rapper has announced that she is getting her very own reality show.

“Ok so the Azealia Banks reality tv show is happening,” she wrote in an Instagram Story.

She did not say where or when it will air, but she did offer a hint at what fans can expect. “I’m excited. FINALLY people get to see the real me: an asshole,” she said.

Azealia was set to start filming the series last month, but claims it was derailed by Nicki Minaj. “I was supposed to start filming a reality show last month. But apparently Nicki gave the network an ultimatum because she knows I’ll have much better ratings…,” Banks said, possibly referencing Minaj’s upcoming documentary series Nicki.

She went on to hurl more shots at the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper, who just earned her first solo No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. “And now they all hate her and think she’s ghetto, terrible to work with, overweight, and boring,” Azealia alleged.

But she appears to have found a new home for her show, adding that she had “three more offers in the inbox.”

Aside from television, Azealia continues to work on new music. She was set to drop her single “New Bottega” on Friday, but it has been delayed.

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