Aminé – Sh!t2Luz

Amine Sht2Luz
Amine Sht2Luz

This Friday, Amine dropped off TWOPOINTFIVE, his first full-length project since last year’s Limbo, and like his original POINTFIVE project that arrived in 2018, the new 12-track effort is one of the Grammy-nominated artist’s more experimental efforts.

“Charmander,” the project’s lead single, was shared a couple of weeks ago on October 25, and it offered a glimpse of Amine latest stylistic shift. Now that TWOPOINTFIVE has finally been released in its entirety, however, it’s clear that “Charmander” was just the tip of the iceberg. The project’s 11th track, “Sh!t2Luz,” is a perfect example of how far-out Amine is on his latest release.

Sort of like a soulful, upbeat, and far more concise version of Travis Scott’s Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight track “lose,” “Sh!t2Luz” focuses on topics like toxic relationships and staying focused regardless of what drama arises in one’s life, and sonically, it’s one of the more polished and refined tracks on TWOPOINTFIVE.

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