Aminé – Charmander

Amine Charmander
Amine Charmander

Any longtime gamer will tell you that the Pokémon video game series for the original GameBoy and GameBoy color was an absolute game-changer. Bringing the fabled card game to life and revolutionizing handheld gaming in the process, the Pokémon series cemented itself as a pillar of culture and still inspires new content across all media, more than two decades after the game’s initial release.

Today, Limbo rapper came through with the latest tribute to Pokémon, dropping his new single “Charmander,” which features an electronic instrumental reminiscent of the GameBoy game’s original music.

Highlighted by a repeating, high-pitched hook about Amine’s time “living on an island,” “Charmander” is a charming song, perfect for one of those days where the sun is shining and there’s a breeze that’s just right. Mixing a fun hook with bars about sipping champagne and hiding away with a blunt, puts his personality on display and gives a little insight as to where he’s been since dropping the deluxe version of Limbo last December.

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