Album: Tinashe – 333

Tinashe 333
Tinashe 333

Tinashe 2.0.

The singer-songwriter explores her freedom with her latest album 333. On the 16-track project, released independently via her Tinashe Music Inc. label, she takes full control of her creativity while embracing experimentation on songs like “Bouncin, Pt. 2” and “Let Me Down Slowly.”

333 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the 28-year-old. “Over the course of the last two years, there’s been a lot of growth for me,” Tinashe told “I really feel at peace with where I’m at in my career and excited about the fact that I’m able to make my own creative decisions. It’s empowering. I’m feeling a lot more inspired and joyful in alignment with what I’m meant to be doing.”

And she couldn’t be happier with the results. “I’m really proud of myself with this project because I just feel like I took all of the things that I learned about what I didn’t want to do, about how I didn’t want to move, about like what doesn’t feel right,” she told Apple Music. “It’s really helped me develop just a much more centered idea of what my art and my project and my purpose is.”

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