Akon Reveals Why He Gave French Montana A Fake Watch

Akon French Montana

Akon is finally speaking out after French Montana claimed he gave him a fake watch.

A year ago, French revealed that Akon gifted him a Hublot watch for his birthday. However, after taking it to his jeweler to get “iced out,” he found out that it was counterfeit.

“[The jeweler] looked at me and said, ‘What you mean? Akon did not give you this, my guy,’” French told DJ Akademiks.

During an interview with Real 92.3’s “Cruz Show” this week, Akon addressed the controversy, saying that he was unaware it was a fake because he was unfamiliar with watches.

“I wasn’t really a watch guy. I just saw something I liked that looked nice and I bought it,” he explained.

Akon was just as much surprised as French to find out that it was a replica. “I was like, ‘What do you mean fake? The shit tick, don’t it? The shit work, right?’” he joked. “I’m not knowing it’s a replica of a Hublot. I didn’t know.”

Akon said he paid $5,000 for the watch, much less than what an authentic Hublot usually costs. “In my mind, that was expensive for a watch. But obviously for a Hublot, that wasn’t no money. That’s a really huge discount, but I didn’t even know I was getting a discount.”

But Akon was able to look back and laugh. “I was like, ‘This ungrateful ass ni**a. I just spent $5,000 on a watch and this ni**a mad.’”

However, it’s no hard feelings. French reposted Akon’s interview and wrote, “I forgive u my brudda,” while adding, “U still owe me a real watch.”

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