A$AP Rocky Sounds Off On Clubgoers For Fighting In Rihanna’s Presence

Rihanna and AAP Rocky

Clubs have always served as a space where people can come out, relieve stress and have a great time with friends and family. However, there are occasions where the club aura and setting amps people and sometimes, individuals get a little too turned up. It is one thing to get into physical altercations in a club — it is another thing when they happen in VIP sections near high profile celebrities. Regardless of the reason in this case, A$AP Rocky was not having it.

He does not play about his woman and made sure to set the record straight this past weekend when a fight broke out while he and Rihanna were in attendance at a nightclub.

At some point during their night out, the crowd got a little too spicy when a tussle broke out and the Harlem rapper made sure to get something off his chest. In a viral video, the fashion icon is heard reprimanding the rowdy audience. “Y’all n**gas act like gentlemen right now, you heard? I got my lady here! Y’all n**gas calm that s**t down man. Don’t be in this section doing all that. Calm that s**t the f**k down. Y’all act like gentlemen when y’all are in her presence,” he stated. With baby number two on the way, A$AP Rocky did what he had to do for Rihanna’s safety.

Recently, the 34-year-old shed some light on his highly anticipated forthcoming project, which is reportedly titled Don’t Be Dumb. In addition to Lil Yachty and Miguel, the project will feature other heavy hitters like Tyler, The Creator and Thundercat.

Check out A$AP Rocky reprimanding the clubgoers below.

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