A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Non Judgmental

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Non Judgmental
Non Judgmental

fans have been waiting for new music for a good minute now. While his last project hit the streets recently (titled B4 AVA, released in December of 2021), the body of work only featured a total of 7 tracks. The only single for said project was released way back in May of the same year. In comparison to A Boogie’s hefty catalog, this small serving left fans looking for more from the New York artist.

“Non-Judgmental” is undoubtedly the kind of return fans are looking for. Known for the emotion he displays while expressing sentiments, the unique and smooth delivery of his vocals, and subject matter that tends to tug on the heart strings, “Non-Judgmental” stands firmly in the crosswalk of these attributes. The instrumentation paces itself, relenting at points to lend itself to the intimacy of the upcoming holiday.

As expected once you glance at the cover art, “Non-Judgmental” shows A Boogie crooning about an interaction with a girl and their relatively new relationship. Suggested by the title, he speaks on how he won’t judge her, and even offers to be her “only fan” which is a sentiment now amongst the rap community. This choice of topic is right up his alley, and delivers what his longtime listeners desire.


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