6ix9ine Reveals Address While Flaunting $1 Million

6ix9ine Purple
6ix9ine is putting his life on the line.

The controversial rapper is back at it, this time sharing his location with his 22 million Instagram followers. Tekashi posted a series of photos of himself on a private plane while flaunting one million dollars in cash.

While most celebrities know better than to disclose their whereabouts, 6ix9ine invited his followers to come find him, posting the exact address of the airport where he’ll be landing and his flight details. He claimed he would be alone except for his 5’4″, 140 lb. videographer.

“On my way to New York. I got a million dollars on me and on my mother I’m by myself,” he wrote while revealing the address of the airport in Morristown, New Jersey.

He continued to flex for the ‘Gram, staging a photo shoot in front of a private jet on the tarmac while surrounded by his luxury cars including a Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce. In another video, he can be seen stacking orange Hermès boxes.

Many of his followers questioned his motives, with some calling it dangerous. “U reaching too far this world not safe move smarter forget clout,” wrote one, while another added, “Bro, you testing God for real.”

While most of the industry has blackballed Tekashi for snitching against his former gang members, Funkmaster Flex has extended an olive branch to the embattled rapper. The Hot 97 DJ announced that he would be willing to play his music on the radio again.

“IM NO LONGER NOT ‘NOT’ PLAYING 6IX 9INE MUSIC ANYMORE! (SPEAKING FOR MYSELF ONLY),” Flex wrote while encouraging 6ix9ine to send him music. “6IX 9INE U GOT NEW MUSIC? SEND IT! THURSDAY 7PM!”


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