50 Cent Allegedly A Suspect In Criminal Battery After Throwing Mic At Los Angeles Show

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50 Cent became the latest rapper embroiled in mic-throwing controversy after a recent performance at Los Angeles’ Crypto.com Arena took a turbulent turn. As part of his “The Final Lap Tour” on Wednesday (Aug. 30) night, the musician encountered ongoing technical issues that seemed to test his patience. It ultimately culminated in the hurling of a malfunctioning microphone into the audience.

During the concert, which featured surprise appearances from notable names like Nas, YG, and DaBaby, the “Many Men” artist repeatedly received broken mics. Reportedly, he tossed them into the crowd on two different occasions. Unfortunately, one of these airborne objects struck a radio personality at Power 106, Bryhana Monegain, causing visible injuries.

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Captured by The Neighborhood Talk, images showed Monegain with a bloodied forehead and facial stains. “He’s too grown to not be able to control his emotions,” one commenter wrote. Another shared, “She lowkey smirkin’. She knows she’s about to sue that a**.”

A source close to the New York native told TMZ that the radio host “wasn’t supposed to be in the restricted area” and was not intentionally targeted by the rapper. Today (Aug. 31), the outlet revealed that the G-Unit mogul is now a suspect in a criminal battery report.

50 Cent isn’t the lone artist to make headlines for such an incident. This past July, Cardi B similarly came under fire for throwing a microphone that struck a fan at a Las Vegas concert. She was initially facing battery charges for the incent before the case was dropped on Aug. 3.

Interestingly, that mic later fetched a staggering $100,000 at a charity auction. Scott Fisher, owner of the audio production company The Wave, originally put the piece of equipment up for auction on eBay at $500.

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