42 Dugg – Go Again

42 dugg go again

Just last week, gritty Detroit artist 42 Dugg was released from his year-long prison stay for failure to surrender himself. However, that was not the whole story. Dugg also failed to serve a six-month sentence following a 2020 federal gun investigation. That is all over now and he is ready to get back into the studio and feed the fans what they want.

He did just that. His first wish was to hit the recording booth. One can assume this latest track, “Go Again,” is a result of that studio session. What might settle that idea is that the accompanying music video includes footage of Dugg and Gotti embracing outside of the prison walls. Now that he is a free man, he sounds as hungry as ever.

The beat will get your head rocking with the booming bass. Dugg is delivering his signature style and flow that is instantly recognizable. If you take a look at the lyrics, it is your typical wordplay and one-liners you come to expect of him. Dugg said it best on Instagram post for this song, “It’s TIME to go AGAIN‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ #OUTNOW.”


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