24kGoldn – Mistakes

24kGoldn Mistakes

has been on quite the streak recently. The San Francisco rapper has dropped single after single this year, including the BOYCOLD collaboration “SCAR” and “In My Head,” an angsty track fittingly featuring Travis Barker.

Now, has given us a low-key song sans features. On “Mistakes,” it’s little more than the “Valentino” rapper and a guitar. The guitar, tinny and understated, strums out a simple melody which 24k uses as his hook.

The rapper croons of past blunders and moving on. “I’m pulling the blinds and shutting my eyes / Tryna forget about yesterday,” he declares on the chorus. He insists to a lover that he’s a changed man, albeit a flawed one. There’s not much more 24k has to say on the subject, and the song clocks in at just over two minutes. In the end, the short tune is about being honest with yourself and with loved ones about who you are.

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